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Adequate or inadequate?

None of us, not one, is inadequate.    

Yet all of us fall short of being perfect.

Still, we often choose to live in the realm of pretense; mainly due to our own inflated expectations of ourselves, along with our assumptions of what others expect of us.                                                                                    

This battle to keep up appearance unnecessarily, this mask—whatever name you want to give creeping perfectionism— it robs us considerably of our energies.             

The truth is, we’re exactly who we need to be.

Fretting draws heavily on our energy reserve, and cripples our ability to focus on the moment, the now, and the rich invitation for personal involvement that the moment is extending.                                                                                                                                                               Remember, it’s through full interaction with the present that we are nurtured emotionally and spiritually and encouraged to attain our full potential.

Today, I’ll remember that I’m all I need to be.

(Promise of a new day 7-10)




One of my favorite short stories

Little is achieved by force and compulsion.

The spirit of kindness, to deal gently with our fellow man, is the mightiest force in the world.

Remember the fable of the wind and the sun, who challenged one another as to which could remove the cloak of a passing traveler.

The harder the wind blew, the tighter the man wrapped the coat around himself.

Then the sun shone, and the traveler, bathed in its warmth, took the cloak off all by himself.


On Authenticity

Authenticity is not a static state where one is either in or out, but a quality that is built or lost over a lifetime of struggles and choices.

We “hypocrites” need not be ashamed that we have not reached our destination, if we remain dedicated to the journey.

May my ideals, though not yet fully attained, continue to inspire rather than discourage me.

                          On Company

Often, another’s pleasure in our company becomes our own pleasure.                 

When we give one another our full attention, we enhance one another’s humanity.   Already so much of life consists of routine transactions in which people hardly even recognize each other as being human, and even intimate relationships can come to suffer if we withhold ourselves;                                                                  but as we begin to discover pleasure in each other’s company, we kindle sparks of joy that illuminate far more than the moment. Today, I can make the decision to be, in all my encounters, fully human.


On Loss and change

Ever thought that by running away from change, by running away from loss, we could be running away from life itself?

When we cling, when we refuse to let go, when we refuse to say goodbye, when we resist, are we not resisting life?    For life is on the move, are stuck; life flows yet we have become stagnant; life is flexible and free but we are rigid and frozen;                     Life carries away all things while we crave stability and permanence; and so we end up fearing life because we fear loss, we fear change.

As we shake off our fear of losing things, so we become free to flow like the mountain stream that is always fresh, always sparkling and very much alive.

Adapted from Living Faith

Perspectives–On selection

You can never collect ALL the beautiful shells on the beach.                                     At best, you can only collect a few.                                                                                            Our lives are a series of selections.

 We select projects to do, activities to participate in, friendships to cultivate.                                                                                                                                                                Often we’ll even have to forego some of these selections as time and/or energy run out.                                                                                                                                                 Full commitment, total involvement with singular activities and a few friendships is far better than partial attention to many.                                                                           . Rapt attention to the moment and all of whatever it contains often leaves us with a profound sense of enrichment.                                                                             . . Nothing less than full attention, it would seem, will do. When our selections are too vast, our attention is sporadic and our talents remain under-developed.                                                                                                                                 Seen from this perspective, the fullness of our lives will remain proportionate to the depth of the relationships developed between ourselves, our friends and our activities.

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